​​S = 56 = 17,75mm diameter = 55,7mm circumference

M = 60 = 19mm diameter = 59,5mm circumference

L = 64 = 20,30mm diameter = 63,3mm circumference

Ring size - If you know your ring size or your finger measurements in mm, you can use the guide above to choose the size that best suits you. Make sure you take the size of your joint into account. If you are between two ring sizes, we recommend that you take a size larger.

Circumference - Total circular measurement of the inner ring (if you are measuring the finger, this will be the full outer measurement all around your finger).

Diameter - Width of the inner ring (finger thickness).

TIP - Use a tape or string! Go around your finger and use a pen to note the intersection of its two ends. You just have to measure it and compare it to the above measurements.


1st notch - 59,7cm circumference
2nd notch - 61,7cm circumference
3rd notch - 63,7cm circumference
4th notch - 65,7cm circumference
5th notch - 67,7cm circumference
6th notch - 69,7cm circumference

Circumference - Total measurement of the total chain length.

Tip - If you always use the same size of necklace and/or don't want to keep the excess chain in your neck, feel free to cut it down to the notch that suits you!